Alcohol addiction is epidemic that has affected people irrespective of demography. According to reports, more than 33% of American and European adult drinkers lose their lives every year.

Here you would find a series of blog posts that are meant to educate people on the perils of prolonged consumption of alcoholic beverages, the symptoms of alcohol addiction and ways to overcome it.

Since alcoholism is a genuine disease, it can bring alterations to a person’s brain and neurochemistry; that is, nerve tissues and the central nervous system can be damaged. Therefore, the person in referral will not be able to control their actions. This blog categorically targets individuals, willing to fight this addiction.

From influences of alcohol on the human body systems to the most addictive variations of alcohol and the onsets of the Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD), the blog highlights the social, medical, scientific and psychological aspects of alcohol addiction.

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