Most Addictive Alcohol Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are the drinks that contain ethanol, popularly known as alcohol. They are generally categorized among beers, distilled and wines. These are portable liquids that contain one percent to seventy-five percent of AVB (Alcohol By Volume) liquor. When yeast is introduced for fermentation, liquor is produced. Yeast is further added to rice, sugarcane, grapes, barley, fruits or grains and then undergoes the distillation process. They are legally consumed in most of the countries, and hundreds of nations have laws which regulate their productions, sales, and consumption.

  • Fermented Beverages. As the name suggests, these are the types of drinks that are made by the fermentation process. They contain 9% to 16% ABV. By virtue of yeasts, during this process, the sugar is converted to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Some of the most popular beverages in this category are Beer, Champagne, and Wine, etc.
  • Distilled Beverages. They are also known as spirits and contain 17% to 75% ABV. A fermented juice or liquid is evaporated by boiling and later collected by the following condensation. The alcohol is then collected through the distillation process. Some of the drinks produced by this process are Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Brandy, Tequila, etc.
  • Fortified Drinks These drinks contain approximately twenty percent AVB. They are the ones which are fermented, distilled and then fortified in order to enhance the alcohol content. This is done by adding additional alcohol. The best among the category is Port Wine and Madeira.
  • Liqueurs and Creams. These beverages are made from distilled spirits and contain 15% to 30% ABV. They are further flavored with chocolate, spices, cream, herbs, nuts, coffee, etc. The popular liqueurs are Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur, Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur, and Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur.
Wine or Champagne Grapes
Beer Grains
Whiskey Grains, Barley and Corn
Brandy Grapes
Aperitif or Digestif Grapes
Liqueur Grains, Grapes, Sugarcane and Fruits
Spirits Grains, Grapes, Sugarcane and Fruits
Sake Rice

Unlike drugs that are composed of various compounds, be it synthetic or natural, alcohol is predominantly addictive. Flavors and concentration of alcohol might vary, but all are addictive in varying degrees. Addiction is a phenomenon wherein an individual is under the impression that he needs to depend on alcohol for functioning normally.

The Most Addictive Variants of Alcohol

Hard spirits of forty percent ABV are seemingly the most addictive alcohol beverages. This is because one is exposed to a potentially large amount of alcohol content in this category. Addiction to drinking liquor is proportional to one’s tolerance to the same. Tolerance in one’s body is enhanced by the GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) which is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter. The human brain adapts to the elevated inhibition owing to alcohol abuse for a prolonged period. The more one consumes hard spirits on a regular basis of forty percent ABV or more, the more GABA is being transmitted. As a result, there is an excess transmission of glutamate to maintain balance. This entire chemical chain reaction makes an individual tolerant to alcohol. Having tolerance implies that it will take more and more hard spirits to create a similar effect. Consequently, the person becomes addicted to the same and cannot do without liquor in order to function normally.

What Is the Most Addictive Alcohol Drink?

Another widely acceptable and addictive alcohol beverage is rum which is made from the end products of sugarcane and contains over 45% ABV. Many people consume this as a mixed drink. Meanwhile, others use rum as the primary ingredient in cocktails such as mojitos, dark and stormy and pina coladas. Consumption of heavy dosage of rum can be physically and psychologically addictive. Since the addiction is physiological, the first step for alcohol withdrawal, in this case, would be detoxing.

Not Exactly a Women’s Drink

Vodka is another addictive drink which hits drinkers suffering from hypoglycemia. There is a deficient of blood sugar in their body, and the potato-based vodka is rich in sugar content.
Over 17.5 million Americans are considered alcoholics, and there are more who run risks of alcohol dependency. Addiction to alcohol is based on several factors and is most definitely something that ought to be treated at the earliest. Emotional support and words of encouragement are the beginning therapies for addiction.

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